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Ezell Brown is a noted philanthropist

Ezell Brown has previously worked as a key executive for National Marketing Specialist. This is a division of Pioneer Financial Services—a well known Dallas/Ft. Worth company. Today, Ezell Brown is a noted philanthropist who sits on a number of Boards of Directors for both non-profit foundations and successful companies in Texas and South Florida. This includes the Ezell Brown Foundation, which is a privately held foundation that is used to help underprivileged persons to obtain high school diplomas. The Ezell Brown Foundation accomplishes this through the use of targeted scholarships.

Ezell Brown is the Chairman of the Education Online Services Corporation. This is a company that is mainly concerned with trying to move their educational partners to the forefront of academic success through the use of online learning programs and 21st century technology. Ezell Brown is an education entrepreneur and businessman who has been very successful in guiding Education Online Services Corporation towards success. Education Online Services Corporation has a vision of being the world’s leading provider of online higher education degree program solutions. Ezell Brown has been instrumental in making that vision a reality. Today Education Online Services Corporation partners with a number of colleges and universities all over the United States.

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